Rug Cleaning Hoboken

At Rug Cleaning Hoboken, we know how delicate your rugs are and they are made from fibers that require specialized care. Whether you invested in your rug or it was passed down to you from someone in your family, you want to know that it will be well cared for when it is cleaned. Rugs that are handled with care can last for 150 years or more.

When you hire our team, your rug will be in the best care possible and you can rely on our team to treat your rug as if it was their own. We know just how fragile a rug can be and because of that, we only use the best solutions that are safe for the rug and products that will help add to the beauty of your rug and preserve it.

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Our Specialized Rug Cleaning Process in Hoboken

Since your rug needs to be treated with the best care possible, we have created a systematic approach to all rugs which allows us to know exactly how to care for it. We have created a variety of cleaning plans based on the rugs size, condition, type, and more.

Below, we will go over our rug cleaning process to give you a better idea of what to expect when we clean your rug.

Pre-wash inspection. This is the first step in the process and it is also one of the most important as well. Our team will inspect your rug and make note of any areas of concern such as faded colors, rips, frayed edges, and more.
Color and dye test. At this time, we will perform a color and dye test on the rug itself. This will allow us to determine if the carpet was cleaned improperly before. We must perform this test to know how to properly care for it and the colors on it.
Vacuum. We will vacuum the rug to remove any dirt and dust that may be on it. This step is required because it helps prevent the dirt from getting trapped in the fibers of the rug itself.
Spot and stain treatment. Any spots and stains will be treated at this time using our spot treatment method.
Full submersion bath. The rug will be placed into our full submersion bath. In this step, a bath is filled with water and the proper cleaning solution. The rug is then hand dipped into the solution to clean it.
Rinse and dry. Once the rug is cleaned, it will be rinsed to remove any leftover impurities and then dried.

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