Types of Rugs

As beautiful as rugs are, it is a shame to see them dirty or stained, but it happens. When you think about the time and energy that went into the rug, you will want to spend time making sure that it is cleaned and handled with care. While many rugs are durable, it should come as no surprise that some rugs do succumb to damage over the years and this leaves them with frayed edges or a hole or two. At Rug Cleaning Hoboken, we have all of your best interests in mind and we offer a variety of repairs, cleanings, and restorations to ensure your rug looks perfect and brand new for many years to come.

If you would like to learn more about our services or you want to receive a free quote to have your rug repaired or replaced, call our office today at 201-298-4824.

Synthetic Rug Care in Hoboken

If you have a synthetic rug in your home, you know just how beautiful it is and they provide your feet with the comfort you have always wanted from your floor. These types of rugs do well in high traffic areas because the fibers are meant to withstand the pressure that is placed on them.

Synthetic rugs are very durable, but this does not mean they can forego a cleaning time and again. It is important that your synthetic rug is handled with care and our team here can do that for you. Call today to have your synthetic rug cleaned in Hoboken.

We Clean, Restore, and Repair All Rugs – Hoboken, NJ

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